Short2long’s hair extension system is the strongest and safest methods on the market. Short2Long uses 2 methods of applying the highest quality hair extensions in the world. Using no heat, glue, or chemicals our system is easy to install and remove by your styling professional. Our hair extensions are applied with the highest quality, 100% natural human hair available in the market today and are produced exclusively in the United States. They are applied with the exclusive Strand by Strand Method or Tape In Extensions Method. Short2long extensions wear like your own natural hair causing no damage! In fact, it allows your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process. Plus each method is completely reusable!

Choosing the correct method is extremely important and with two methods to choose from, you professional stylist can help you choose the Short2Long system that is best for you! Your stylists will look at a variety of factors in choosing which will work best! They will look at your hair texture, the thickness of your hair as well as your lifestyle and hair care routine! These are all things to consider when choosing which hair extensions method is best for you!

Features and Benefits

Check out some of the many benefits that come with using Short2Long Hair Extensions

  • Service: The best customer service experience with customer representatives that are experts in the field to not only process your order but help guide you through any questions to pick the best possible product to suit your clients
  • Product: Two methods of extensions available for purchase
  • Education: Certification Classes that teach both I-Tip and Tape In Extensions!
  • Promotion: Free promotional posters for new salons that get certified
  • Quality: Highest quality hair extensions available in the market. Reusable for up to a year or even longer.
  • Unique: Custom quality hair extensions that are unique and only available at Short2Long – 1 to 2 weeks to get exclusive custom made product suited perfectly for the individual client.
  • Reusability: Re-Bonding service on Premium and Custom I-Tip Hair Extensions: providing a way for you to use your extensions over and over!
  • Private Training: In Salon training is available for interested salons

Made in the USA

Short2Long Hair Extensions has a proud tradition of  providing the highest quality hair extensions to professional stylists. We started this tradition 10 years ago and have kept it going since. Short2Long is now the only company to produce our own hair in the United States.

Natalia Agarkova-Sprenger wanted to find a solution to why hair quality was not staying consistent when purchasing and producing overseas. Fed up with a low end product, she created her own gentle organic method of processing hair extensions in the United States. Short2Long now produces the all Premium I-Tip and Tape In Extensions right here, in our country.  

Why would we do this?

  • Consistency – Producing hair overseas would not give us the amazing and consistent product we get here. Our full cuticle hair not only feels the best, but it looks the best. Every time. Not just the first time, and they can be reused over and over again.
  • Re-Bonding Service – Our Re-Bonding on Premium and Custom I-Tip takes only 1-2 weeks. Not months. This kind of service can only be done this quick if producing here in the US.
  • Speed – Our Premium Quality Extensions are always in stock. Even during busy seasons, we are the company you can rely on for having the colors you and your clients need.
  • Custom Orders – Short2Long even has custom order processing. This means we can take only 1-2 weeks to hand process a customized order specifically for your client in I-Tip or Tape In Extensions. Who else can say that?
  • Short2long  is proud to process in the United States, give more jobs back to Americans and provide the highest quality extensions in the market!

About Short2Long

Looking to get hair extensions applied? You’ve come to the right place.

Short2long Hair Extensions were developed and founded by Natalia Agarkova-Sprenger who has been in the hair industry for over 30 years in the United States, Russia and Europe. Dedicating her life to making women feel and look amazing across the globe. She has dedicated her professional career toward advancements in the hair extension industry. Focusing on bringing a safe, easy and reusable hair extension method into the market, plus providing the best quality hair in the world! Short2long was developed with this focus in mind.

Short2long is a brand recognized worldwide for its high quality of hair. We sell only to licensed Salon professionals. We specialize in two methods, Strand by Strand and Tape-In Hair Extensions. The greatest benefit of using Short2long Hair Extensions is the ability to reuse both methods. We recommend only the best and most experienced professionals to clients for application. Please fill out our Salon Locator application, Short2Long will email you the most experience stylist in your area!

What makes Short2Long different from all other hair extensions companies?

Quality – We provide the highest quality hair extensions available today. They are not only reusable but they feel and look fantastic! Also all of our Premium Full Cuticle I-Tip and Tape In Extensions are a full cuticle high quality product that will give you the ability to reuse your hair for years with correct maintenance. 

Variety – Short2Long offers a 5 textures: Straight, Natural Wave, Strong “S” Wave and Spiral Curl and Yake. We also offer custom extensions in both Tape an I-Tip. We are the only brand to offer so much variety of product and lengths. Our lengths range from 8″ to 24″ for hair extensions. Giving this variety to our stylists and clients gives them the best and biggest range of options to choose from

Training – We will send you to the leading most sought after hair stylists, experienced in applying our extensions. All of our certified stylists have been trained by our team of award winning educators to apply your extensions safely and give you the most amazing experience and the gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of.