With options of in-person, virtual, and online classes you can get certified with whatever fits your lifestyle best. All our classes are hands-on with very intimate class sizes to ensure you have the best educational experience to jump start your extensions career. With unlimited access to our educators and extensions experts after your certification we have you covered well beyond your class experience and into your new career!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Training & Support Questions

If you would like more information about in salon training please call 1-877-670-3021 for more information and to schedule a date. There is a minimum requirement of 6 students for an In Salon Training class. This is an amazing private experience with your salon and a one of a kind training opportunity!

If you are interested in a Short2long class in your city, please contact us with your city request.  

At Short2Long our talent team of sales representatives are not only here to process your orders but to offer support with every question that arises. They can advise how to:

  • Pick textures for clients
  • Choose color and length options
  • Pick the most suitable application for your clients
  • Accurately fill out custom order forms
  • Sign up for private classes as well in city certification classes

This system is very easy to learn and use, it can be Self-taught by watching our instructional DVD. We do recommend taking one of our certification courses. Both methods are easy to learn but always hair their own tips and tricks.

Check for a class near you for training and watch a new stream of income flow into your business.

Product Questions

The GREAT thing about this system is that your Client can re-use this hair. Unlike any other system this hair can be re-used. Both the I-Tip and Tape In extensions are totally reusable.

Basically anything you would do with their hair normally. From curling to blow-drying, flat-ironing and coloring. Just remember to always take extra good care of the hair.

Yes, but commercial hair is very difficult to process, And we can not be responsible if something happens to the hair. We recommend that you just order the hair with the curl desired.

Yes. It is recommended that you do not use any more than 10 volume peroxide. When going darker you first apply color on the hair without spreading it to the extensions for about 5 minutes and afterwards apply it everywhere. When going lighter apply color to the hair without spreading it to the extensions and wait about 10 minutes before applying the rest. Check the hair repeatedly because the links are made up of the metal that will speed up the process of the chemical reaction. If you see that the hair is getting too light too fast simply shampoo it.

Yes, but you should only put it on the new growth of the client and check the process repeatedly.

It is important that you explain to your client how to care for the extensions to ensure the longest life possible. It is very important for the client to use a proper brush (bristle brush is recommended). Conditioner should only be applied to the ends of the hair. If you have a client with very fine hair make sure that you use the right amount of their own hair, using to small of a portion of hair will cause it to pull out. Also, if the client colors their own hair it is very important for them to follow your instructions. If all the instructions are followed by the client they should last 3-4 months. Odd strands may slide off if not properly fastened but that should not occur to often. When applying the extensions, make sure the whole bonding is inside of the link.

We suggest that you base your decision on your demographics and in comparison to the rates you charge for other services.

A: The average head of hair takes between (150-200 strands). However, depending on the length of the client’s hair, as well as the thickness this can vary. Someone with a short bob for example may use as many as 200 strands whereas someone with shoulder length hair may only need 150.