Meet Natalia Sprenger and Maria Voitsekhovitch – Owners and Founders of Short2Long Hair Extensions

In 2000, Natalia Sprenger, a stylist of over 20 years in the United States, Russia and Europe developed and founded Short2Long Hair Extensions. As a stylist that applied thousands of heads of extensions, she struggled finding consistent quality and hair textures that were not just straight or permed. She decided to start a brand that produced here in the United States and revolutionized the industry by creating our own 100% Full Cuticle European and Indian Human Hair Extensions, handmade and processed in the States. Short2Long specializes in producing I-Tip, Tape, Keratin, Weft (Hand Tied, Machine Tied, Hybrid, Micro Tied), Clip Ins, Halos, Toppers, Ponytails, Fun Colors and so much more.

Natalia dedicated her life to making women feel and look amazing across the globe and dedicated her professional career towards making advancements in the hair extensions industry. Her daughter, Maria Voitsekhovitch, now joins her in this family run business that specializes in full cuticle high quality human hair that uses no perms, no silicones, or coatings on the hair. Short2Long is proud to be a family-owned business and the heart of our business has been and always will be the salon professional. Our goal is to give every stylist the highest quality hair, tools, and innovative methods to build trust and loyalty with your clients that will last a lifetime.

Short2Long owners
Short2Long Quality

Short2Long Quality

As the leading hair extensions brand, our 100% Full Cuticle European and Indian Human Hair Extensions are made with the highest quality full cuticle human hair in 4 all natural textures with no perms or silicones that can last up to a year or even longer. Looking for natural curly hair extensions? Look no further. We offer the thickest, strongest, most damage free and shed proof extensions that will transform any client’s hair. I-Tip, Tape, Keratin, Weft (Hand Tied, Machine Tied, Hybrid, Micro Tied), Clip Ins, Halos, Toppers, Ponytails, Fun Colors and more! We offer same day worldwide shipping to give you ease and access to the highest quality hair in the world.

The Short2Long Difference

Are you tired of investing in extensions that turn dry, faded, dull and lifeless? Do your extensions thin out due to excessive shedding which results in you having to throw them away? Short2Long IS the difference. Producing our own 100% Full Cuticle European and Indian Human Hair Extensions by hand right here in the United States has made all the difference. With over 20 years of experience, we offer 4 all natural textures – Natural Straight, Euro Fine (Soft Body Wave), Italian Wave (Strong ‘S’ Wave going into a curl) and Deep Curl (Tightest Natural Curl) using no perms, silicones, or coatings. We also offer custom orders that are processed in only 1-2 weeks. Currently available in I-Tip, Tape or Keratin Extensions. Imagine any length, texture or color combination including greys and curly hair. We can create almost anything you or your client can dream of. With hundreds of options in colors and textures, Short2Long offers the highest quality salon professional extensions to every stylist that gives all clients access to their dream hair.

Salon Professionals and Educations

Short2Long is the go-to hair extensions brand for salon professionals and their clients. We are proud to exclusively offer our hair extensions to any salon professional with a cosmetology license or salon license. We do not require any certification to purchase but we do require a cosmetology license. We understand that you may have many years of experience in the field and Short2Long is proud to offer you the chance to purchase the most outstanding high-quality product that will help you and your business grow. In choosing Short2Long we are circulating our success and innovations back to you.

We offer the highest quality hands on education to professionals in I-Tip, Tape, and Beaded Weft Extensions. Our educators have been specializing in extensions for years and are at the top of their fields. Hands on education is critical to the success of every stylist looking to specialize in extensions and we are proud to offer hands on in person, virtual and in salon training options. Our education programs have allowed our stylists and salons to watch their revenue grow to over six figures and we cannot wait to do the same for you!

The Showroom

The Short2Long Showroom has been open since 2006 and has only expanded and gotten better over the years. Our showroom is in Saint Petersburg, FL and is open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST and closed during major holidays. Our showroom is open to all salon professionals with a salon or cosmetology license. Here you can see and purchase all our extensions on site and experience the product hands on. We love our Short2Long pros and cannot wait for everyone to see what we have to offer!
If you want to stop in, email us at, give us a call at 877-670-3021 or text us at 941-302-6778 with any questions.