Top-Tier Quality Meets Unmatched Elegance with Short2Long Extensions

Artisan-crafted in the USA, Short2Long delivers ethically sourced extensions tailored to perfection. Our premium collections offer unparalleled customization, designed for the discerning stylist. Utilizing 100% Premium Full Cuticle Hair, Short2Long elevates your craft with innovative, efficient techniques, maximizing profitability and expertise. Explore our comprehensive range of products: I-Tips, Keratins, Tape-Ins, Wefts, Vibrant Fun Colors, Clip-Ins, Halos, Ponytails, Toppers, along with Expert Education and Accessories. Cosmetology License Required, No Certification Necessary.

I-Tip Collection

Reusable elegance meets versatility. Featuring four distinct natural textures and a palette of over 30 hues, our collection offers unparalleled customization. Achieve seamless blending with Short2Long's refined offerings.

Weft Collection

Experience unparalleled security with our meticulously crafted wefts—ranging from machine-tied to hand-tied, hybrid, and microtied. Delight in two exquisite textures: the gentle allure of straight/soft wave and the captivating allure of strong wave/curl. Discover a level of quality unparalleled in the industry.

Tape Collection

Effortless application meets flawless integration. Elevate client allure with our premium tape-in extensions, meticulously designed to harmonize with natural hair textures: from refined straight and body wave to captivating curls and tight curls.

Keratin Collection

Embrace a subtle, matte bond for seamless length, color, and volume enhancement. Designed for discretion, our collection offers four distinct natural textures and a spectrum of over 30 exquisite shades as well as customizable options. Ideal for artful lengthening, volumizing, or crafting nuanced color highlights and lowlights.

Creating transformations

Create transformations

Adding volume, highlights, low-lights, length – whatever you need for a special occasion or another day in the office.  Short2Long has you and your clients covered!

in the USA

ethically sourced

Sourced Hair

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