Top-Tier Quality Meets Unmatched Elegance with Short2Long Extensions

Artisan-crafted in the USA, Short2Long delivers ethically sourced extensions tailored to perfection. Our premium collections offer unparalleled customization, designed for the discerning stylist. Utilizing 100% Premium Full Cuticle Hair, Short2Long elevates your craft with innovative, efficient techniques, maximizing profitability and expertise. Explore our comprehensive range of products: I-Tips, Keratins, Tape-Ins, Wefts, Vibrant Fun Colors, Clip-Ins, Halos, Ponytails, Toppers, along with Expert Education and Accessories. Cosmetology License Required, No Certification Necessary.

I-Tip Collection

Reusable elegance meets versatility. Featuring four distinct natural textures and a palette of over 30 hues, our collection offers unparalleled customization. Achieve seamless blending with Short2Long's refined offerings.

Weft Collection

Experience unparalleled security with our meticulously crafted wefts—ranging from machine-tied to hand-tied, hybrid, and microtied. Delight in two exquisite textures: the gentle allure of straight/soft wave and the captivating allure of strong wave/curl. Discover a level of quality unparalleled in the industry.

Tape Collection

Effortless application meets flawless integration. Elevate client allure with our premium tape-in extensions, meticulously designed to harmonize with natural hair textures: from refined straight and body wave to captivating curls and tight curls.

Keratin Collection

Embrace a subtle, matte bond for seamless length, color, and volume enhancement. Designed for discretion, our collection offers four distinct natural textures and a spectrum of over 30 exquisite shades as well as customizable options. Ideal for artful lengthening, volumizing, or crafting nuanced color highlights and lowlights.

V Light Collection

Experience the revolutionary V-Light system, designed to simplify extension application with rapid learning and impeccable results. Enjoy swift application and lasting comfort with glue curing in just 8 seconds, lasting up to 2 months. Seamlessly blend extensions for an invisible, weightless feel. Immediate exposure to water post-application is permissible, and maintenance is hassle-free. Removal is gentle and residue-free using V-Light Removal Solution and Tool. Discover the convenience and excellence of V-Light Extensions today!

Fun Colors

Discover our wide range of eye-catching colors, from vibrant neons to soft pastels and playful ombre blends. Made from Premium 100% Human Hair with Full Cuticles, our Fun Colors offer a stylish look without the damage of traditional dyeing. Available in I-Tip, Tape, and Keratin options, these versatile extensions can be used multiple times and recolored to keep your style fresh.
Creating transformations

Create transformations

Adding volume, highlights, low-lights, length – whatever you need for a special occasion or another day in the office.  Short2Long has you and your clients covered!

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