Short 2 Long

Short2Long gives you the ability to change your look and take your hair from dull and lifeless to long, luxurious and beautiful! Add length, volume or even just highlights!

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How it works

How are the hair extensions applied?

Short2Long uses 2 methods of applying the highest quality hair extensions in the world. Using no heat, glue, or chemicals our system is easy to install and remove by your styling professional. Our hair extensions are applied with the highest quality, 100% natural human hair available in the market today. They are applied with the exclusive Strand by Strand Method or Tape In Extensions Method. Short2long extensions wear like your own natural hair causing no damage! In fact, it allows your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process. Plus each method is completely reusable!

Stand by Strand Extensions Method:

1. Section the hair.

I Tip Step 1

2. Loop it through.

3. Attach the Mico Link and Extension.

4. Crimp them together. 

5. Apply as many as desired.

Tape In Extensions Method:

1. Peel tape backing.

2. Press the extension piece down.

3. Attach 2nd piece.

4. Press the 2nd extensions piece down

5. Use PRESSURE not heat to seal. Press firmly with a flat iron or pliers.